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Auburn High School
405 S. Dean Rd.
Auburn, AL 36830
Office: (334) 887-4970
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The primary focus of the Auburn High School Band program is the concert band.  There are two concert bands at Auburn High School: the Honors Band and the Symphonic Band.  The Honors is the top band, followed by the Symphonic.

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The Honors Band

           The Auburn High School Honors Band is the top concert ensemble at Auburn High, made up of approximately 70 of the best wind and percussion students at AHS.  Known as the Symphonic Band until 1994, the Honors Band has compiled an overall Superior-Excellent-Good-Fair-Poor record of 340-4-0-0-0 since its creation in 1946, and perfect record of 207-0-0-0-0 since 1974 in local, regional, and national competition.  The Honors Band is one of only 66 high school bands worldwide and the only band from Alabama to have ever been placed on the Historic Roll of Honor of Distinguished High School Concert Bands in America, 1920 - Present by the John Phillip Sousa Foundation as a band which has attained "unusual levels of achievement nationally and which [is] considered to be of historical importance and influence to the nation's high school concert band programs," and is one of only 48 bands to have ever received the highest honor that can be conferred on a high school band, The Sudler Flag of Honor. The Honors Band generally plays music on a grade VI level, and has placed nearly 800 students in the Alabama All-State Band.  Many Alabama high school concert band state records are held by the Honors Band, and quite possibly a few national records as well.  The Honors Band is known nationwide as a top high school performing ensemble, which can be seen by its many awards and honors.  In 1996, the Honors Band, along with the Irmo High School Symphonic Winds, became the first high school band ever to play at a College Band Directors National Association/National Band Association Conference (Southern Division), after being chosen over 45 of the top bands from Virginia to Texas.  This is just an example of one of the many honors the Honors Band has received.  Here are a few comments made by some of our nation's greatest musicians and band directors about the Honors Band.
"That was the best performance I have ever heard given
by a high school band"

-Dr. Frank B. Wickes, former President of the American Bandmasters Association, and Director of Bands, Louisiana State University, on the Honors Band's performance at the 1996 College Band Directors'  National Association Convention

"This is the finest performance by an Alabama Band that I have heard in my 36 continuous years of teaching and adjudication in Alabama.  I have judged all over the United States this spring, including Texas, California, and all over the Midwest and the East, and this is the best band I've heard."

-Dr. John Long, past President of the American Bandmasters Association and former Director of Bands at Troy State University, on the band's performance at the World Music Showcase in Orlando

"The Auburn High School Band is and has been as long as I can remember one of the top high school bands in the United States."

-Dr. John Long, former President of the American Bandmasters Association, on the band at the 2001 District VI Festival.

"The past accomplishments of the Auburn High School Band, on the concert stage in district and state contest, and the accomplishments of individual students at the All-State Band Festival, have set a high standard of performance for which all high school bands in Alabama aspire to achieve." 

-Dr. Ted Galloway, former President of the Alabama Bandmasters Association on the band.

The director of the Auburn High School Honors Band is Dr. Russell Logan. Rosters of both past and current Honors Band members can be found here. You can peruse the online archive of the Honors Band's music in the performance archive.
The Symphonic Band

           The Symphonic Band, also directed by Dr. Logan, is the second concert ensemble at AHS, with approximately 75 students.  The Symphonic Band was known as the Concert Band until 1994, and has a record of 88-22-2-0-0 since 1984, thought to be the best record for a "second" band in the state (despite the fact that the Symphonic Band always competes against other school's top bands).  The Symphonic Band generally plays grade V music, and was the first "second" band in the state to receive a superior rating at state competition in 1976.  This is a testament to the excellence in instruction and ability of the Symphonic Band.  The awards and honors of the Band can be viewed here, and you can view the band's current personnel list here.

Other Concert Bands

           Between 1997 and 2003, the Auburn High School Band also included a third concert band, the Concert Band, and in 2000-01, included a fourth, splitting the Concert Band into Concert A and Concert B bands. The Concert Bands of the past few years have consisted of some 80 instrumentalists and played grade IV and V music.  In the first few years of existence, the Concert Band compiled a 19-6-0-0-0 record, placed third in its division at the 1998 Smoky Mountain Music Festival and received unanimous superior ratings at district competition, all while competing against other schools' top bands. 
Trey Armistead, 2006. Last revised 2 April 2006.
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