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About the Auburn High School Band Website

The first Auburn High School Band website was created by Mr. Todd Hicks in 1995 as a project for one of his classes at Auburn University, giving the AHS Band an early presence on the web. Unfortunately, the site fell into disrepair, and by 1997 had not been updated in quite some time. Seeing the need for an updated and more comprehensive site, Mr. Trey Armistead, then a senior at Auburn High, decided to design and build a new site. Using time during a teacher's aide period for Director of Bands Rusty Logan, Mr. Armistead researched and compiled information from the band program's archives that form the basis for the new site.

The inaugural version of the site was designed over the following summer and launched in September 1997 on the Rice University undergraduate computer network, Owlnet. In the summer of 1998, the music archive was created, with some 115 of the Band's more recent performances encoded in RealAudio format and placed on the site. To accomodate the the site's growth, it was moved to a server located in Mr. Armistead's Rice dorm room. In Spring 1999, the site's layout was reformatted, and the site was transferred to a XOOM.com server. Over the summer of 2000, the site was once again redesigned and vastly improved, with the addition of the photogallery section, and a further enlargement of the music archive. In November 2000, the site was moved to what is hopefully its permanent home, on the Auburn City Schools' servers. Since then, the music archive and photogallery have been expanded, and other pages have been improved, along with completely new pages, such as the Alabama High School Band Website Directory, which was added in June 2002. Future expansions include the ongoing Repertory Project, which seeks to catalog every single performance of and piece performed by the Auburn High School Band going back to 1936; and the Roster Project, which will list every person to have ever been a member of the Band.

This site consists of 269 html pages, 274 image files, and 256 audio files with a total size of 228,453,401 bytes. The music library is made up of Honors Band music dating from 1958 through 2002, and consists of 24 hours, 32 minutes, and 52 seconds of music. As of June 2002, the site was being visited by some 530 unique individuals a week, who accessed over 3,500 pages, with the number of unique visitors increasing at a rate of 21.1% per month (based on May 2001-May 2002 figures).

The bulk of the information on the site came from the archives of the Auburn High School Band, consisting mainly of annual band scrapbooks. Other information on this site was taken from interviews with Dr. Russell Logan, Mr. Everett Johnson, Mr. Tommy Goff, and Mr. Mike Kosolopoff, The Lee County Bulletin/The Lee County Eagle/The Auburn Bulletin, The Opelika Daily News/The Opelika-Auburn News, Auburn: A Pictorial History of the Lovliest Village, Revised by Mickey Logue and Jack Simms, Auburn High School's annual The Tiger, Ala Breve, Class Struggles by D. Matthews, The Wall Street Journal, The Auburn High School Student Handbook, Early History of Auburn by Mrs. W. B. Frazier, and the Auburn University Archives.

Photos are taken from the Auburn High School Band archives, Auburn: A Pictorial History of the Lovliest Village, Revised by Mickey Logue and Jack Simms, Auburn, A Pictoral Booklet, The Tiger, the Auburn University Archives, and the personal collection of Miss Ashley McIntyre.

Recordings are taken from performances of the Auburn High School Band primarily recorded under the auspices of the Auburn Band Parents Association, as provided by the Auburn High School Band archives and the personal collections of Mr. Tommy Goff, Mr. Trey Armistead, Miss Becky Lee, Mr. Reid Gavin, and Mr. Ed Vinson.

HTML pages are generated using Microsoft WordPad, images are created and manipulated in CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT versions 6.0 and 10, and audio files are encoded using RealProducer Basic, Cool Edit 2000, and MusicMatch Jukebox. All pages, text, images, and audio files are served by dedicated servers running Microsoft Server 2000. The site resides on servers owned by the Auburn City Board of Education located in Auburn, Alabama, USA, and is under the jurisdiction of the organic laws of the City of Auburn, the State of Alabama, the United States of America, and any applicable international treaty as ratified by the United States of America. All code, text, images, design, related intellectual property, and substantially derivative works of material contained within this website and/or are on or of the path http://www.auburnschools.org/ahs_band/ are Copyright 2003 Trey Armistead All Rights Reserved under the Buenos Aires Convention and applicable U.S. copyright law. Audio files stored on the site are for archival, research, and educational use only, and are available based solely on their being the substantially important historical record of the Auburn High School Band, irrespective of the works themselves.
Trey Armistead, 2002. Last revised 24 June 2002.
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This webpage was created by Trey Armistead, and is the official website of the Auburn High School Band.  Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated and should be sent to treyarmistead@alumni.rice.edu