Mr. Busbin's

American Government Class 

Auburn High School 2011-2012

12th Grade American Government and Civics





1 (1/4; 1/5)

Class Introduction

 syllabus; personal survey; student contract

Have syllabus signed

2  (1/5; 1/9)

Why Elections?

 Civic Knowledge Reading; Elections Concept Map ; Why Elections (Notes)

Get necessary supplies; Election Interview Project

3 (1/6; 1/11)

Course Essential Question Introduction

 BCS Article and role-playing (Is the BCS the most fair way to choose the top two teams?); Introduction of Democratic Elections (lecture); value analysis

Election Interview Project

4 (1/9; 1/13) What is Democracy? Five Schools-What is a democracy?; Democracy Notes

Election Interview Project

5 (1/10; 1/18)

Voting and Demographics

Political Spectrum Typology Quiz; Conservative v. Liberal

No homework

6 (1/11; 1/20)

Voting and Demographics

You be the Political Scientist: Demographics and Ideology (Note sheet; provided charts) Looking at the Issues
7 (1/12; 1/24)

Voting and Demographics

Article and questions; Voting Trends and Behavior No homework;
8 (1/13; 1/26) Voting and Demographics Article on compulsory voting; turnout analysis Increasing Voter Turnout Proposal
9 (1/17; 1/30) Voting and Demographics Design a Voter Culminating Activity Finish voter profile
10 (1/18; 2/1) Just v. Unjust Laws:
Who Votes?
History of Suffrage Expansion in Pictures (Picture Analysis); Introduction to Letter from a Birmingham Jail Letter From a Birmingham Jail excerpt and ticket
11 (1/19; 2/3) Just v. Unjust Laws:
Who Votes?
Letter from a Birmingham Jail Socratic Seminar No homework
12 (1/20; 2/7) Just v. Unjust Laws:
Who Votes?
 Decision-making groups on just or unjust laws
(Case Studies)
Letter to Representative Rogers Reflective Writing Assignment
13 (1/23; 2/9) Voting Technology Introduction to Elections and Federalism No homework
14 (1/24; 2/13) Voting Technology Voting Technology Webquest Voting Technology Graphs
15 (1/25; 2/15) Voting Technology Voting Technology and the States Persuasive Campaigns (Group Info) No homework
16 (1/26; 2/17) Voting Technology Group Presentations; Essay Introduction Policy Paper Writing Assignment
17 (1/27; 2/22) Political Parties Unit Introduction; What are political parties? (Note sheet); articles and questions on pro/con presence of third party Finish Essay
18 (1/30; 2/24) Political Parties

Third parties in America (Note sheet); You be the Judge (Williams v. Rhodes; AETC v. Forbes)

No homework

19 (1/31; 2/28) Political Parties

Talk Show Prep

Finish preparation

20 (2/1; 3/1) Political Parties Congressional Committee Hearing Justify Your Vote
21 (2/2; 3/5) Presidential Election Process Nomination Phase  Election Cartoon Analysis; begin studying for midterm
22 (2/3; 3/7) Presidential Election Process What is the Electoral College?; Fed. 68; math activity with voting systems begin studying for midterm
23 (2/6; 3/9)

Presidential Election Process

 Electoral College Jigsaw

Election System Comparison

24 (2/7; 3/14) Presidential Election Process Review Day-4 Corners Activity; pre-planning for essay; vocabulary review Finish jigsaw writing
25 (2/8; 3/16) Midterm Midterm [Essay next day] Prepare for midterm (essay brainstorm)
26 (2/9; 3/20) Midterm Finish Midterm Essay; Congressional Term Limits; Incumbency Advantage  Finish essay; work on Voter Awareness Project
27 (2/10; 3/22) Gerrymandering What is Gerrymandering?; Computer Lab-Gerrymander the Game

No homework; work on Voter Awareness Project

28 (2/13; 4/2) Term Limits  

No homework; work on Voter Awareness Project

29 (2/14; 4/4) Media and Elections To what extent should the media be held responsible for voter knowledge?; History of the Media (Grabber: How much do you know?)

No homework; work on Voter Awareness Project

30 (2/15; 4/6) Media and Elections What is News?; Attack Journalism

Voters and Media Knowledge

31 (2/16; 4/10) Media and Elections Design Your Own Public Opinion Poll

"Public Opinion Polls" Reading and Questions

32 (2/17; 4/12) Media and Elections Culminating Activity

No homework; work on Voter Awareness Project

33 (2/21; 4/16) Media and Elections Propaganda and Campaign Ads Analysis

Negative Ad Political Cartoon Analysis

34 (2/22; 4/18) Media and Elections Structured Academic Controversy: Negative Campaigning

Negative Ad Situation Brainstorming

35 (2/23; 4/23) Judicial Elections: Should We Vote for Judges? Should We Elect Judges?  
36 (2/24; 4/25) Campaign Finance Campaign Finance: What's the Fuss About?;
What are interest groups? (Notes' Chart)
History of Campaign Finance reading (questions)
37 (2/27; 4/27) Campaign Finance Citizen's United v. FEC  
38 (2/28; 5/1) Campaign Finance  Political Corruption v. Freedom of Speech Socratic Seminar  
39 (2/29; 5/3) Campaign Finance Reform Options Jigsaw Political Cartoon Brainstorming
40 (3/1; 5/7) Campaign Finance   Bring all notes, etc. to class
41 (3/2; 5/9) Campaign Finance   Continue work on project
42 (3/5; 5/11) Culminating Activity Presidential Commission on Election Reform Preparation (websites to refer to) Work on culminating activity preparation
43 (3/6) Culminating Activity Presidential Commission on Election Reform Preparation (websites to refer to) Election Essay (Complete brainstorming)
44 (3/7) Culminating Activity Presidential Commission on Election Reform Preparation (websites to refer to)  
45 (3/8) Culminating Activity Presidential Commission on Electoral Reform Presentations (Commission Data Retrieval Chart)  
46 (3/9)  Culminating Activity Final Exam-Comprehensive Have a great senior year!

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